*lives in Florida*
*tries to participate in ¿”autumn”?*
*puts on a sweater*
*manages to crawl to Starbucks before completely melting*
“I’ll have a… pumpkin.. *cough*  spice…”
*dies of heat stroke*
*is cremated and made into Florida orange juice pulp*

(via distanceisquitesimple)

I’m all about not wanting to Frozenfy Norway, but don’t act like Maelstrom is Disney’s finest attraction either. Let’s take a virtual ride shall we? 


Weird dude with horn.

Polar bear. 


Ohh backwards.

Lackluster drop.

Inexplicable oil rigs.

Town that can’t be the exit because the ride just started and they haven’t even explained why the trolls threw you into an oil rig.

Movie that you feel bad about not watching but also not really. 

Yup… That just about covers it. 

Gotta love the Halloween fireworks! (at Magic Kingdom Park)

Dropping in for a visit to my favorite hotel (at The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror)

Back in the Wizarding World! They really need to call Hagrid about this dragon (at Diagon Alley)

We just rode Space Mountain 3 times in 12 minutes #offseason (at Space Mountain)

Favorite time of night (at Disney’s Magic Kingdom)

Can’t wait for Astro Orbiter to be open again! (at Tomorrowland)